Wooden Tiles


Wooden Tile is a new type of environmental protection building materials with wood grain decorative pattern on its surface. It combined the advantage of wooden products and Ceramics tiles. Its appearance has the adornment effect of natural wood grain design. Wood grain brick with high fidelity; It has the characteristics of flame retardant and non-corrosion, is green and environmental building materials. This wooden tile has long service life, wear resistance and no need to wax and maintain periodically like other wooden products.

As the improvement of the craft, wooden tiles product has been in mature stage, classified by surface glossiness, traditional inferior smooth wood tiles, glossy wooden tiles (whole polished glazed), soft light wooden tiles. 


1.Realistic is the highlight point of this kind wooden tiles, mainly through the surface of the enamel surface, so this wooden tiles won't fade like other floor products. it has longer service life, convenient cleaning and environmental products;

2.In terms of its non-slip also has the very good performance, the material of wood tiles is usually matt, so it has very excellent antiskid performance. Because of its special texture and skid resistance, especially for the family have children and aged persons, so it is in the use of the function of the household is not restricted, not only can be used to decorate, such as sitting room, bedroom, but also can  be used in the balcony, toilet, kitchen and other space.

3.On the decorating effect, wooden tiles is produced with the technology such as ink-jet, emboss, mold or sink glazing ,the imitation woodiness design that show lifelike and vivid, making classic and decorous style effect, creating a comfortable and pleasant bedroom environment.

Under production process, using the most advanced Italian siti press pressing, the glazing using Spain "Taorisi" glaze raw material. Wooden tiles the whole body glazed surface, Mohs hardness achieves 7 levels, the hardness stronger than polished porcelain tiles. 

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