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Texture Tiles give priority to the color of low saturation with black, white, gray, brown, beige,etc. The plain color brick is simple but elegant, the texture emphasizes natural and fashionable element confluence, surface simple sense is inferior light, 

Integrity is the key point to plain colorism, plain color is not too much modification, the overall cool color covers the space. Low glossiness also is plain lubricious brick characteristic. Pursuiting extremely brief individualization, it is a kind of innovation of mind and style, the halcyon that seeks a silk restoring ancient ways in contemporary.

with the illuminate of lamplight and natural light, downy not dazzling. 

Texture tiles with large specifications, sizes from 400*800mm, 600*1200mm, 750*1500mm, 900*1800mm, 800*2600mm, 1200*2700mm .etc.The application of paving is simple, without too much design collocation, without excessive processing, cutting, direct paving can achieve ideal space effect, Decoration style looks simple, not monotonous, give luxury taste, connotation, elegant feeling.

Under the leadership of minimalist and light luxury style, Texture plain tiles emerges at the right moment. Plain color is represented by the light black, white and gray or cement style, which perfectly reflects the modern sense.


Firstly: light reflects gently and not irritating eyeball. The shining face or polished will reflex ray, white under the bright environment long time will feeling visual fatigue. Using this texture tiles won't have the visual fatigue;

Secondly, Anti-skid and wear-resistant. In many brands, The plain colored brick surface have a glaze protection, some use superfine dry grain, fine carving craft , through these craft, the pore is fine, surface is very delicate. Prevents slippery ,wear-resisting, it is very friendly to the old man and child at home .

Third, Upgrade the craft and Specification diversification make the plain color brick becomes no longer drab. Plain color brick is clean, grain is plentiful, simple sense is outstanding, like cement sand, the face highlights simple sense.

The Plain color texture tile mostly with soft light and matt surface, the light feels downy, the plain color brick of low luminosity can reflect a ring light halo, looks like the light spot that camera lens becomes fictitious and very comfortable.

Finally, a variety of advantages make plain brick very good and easy do purify, the space such as toilet, balcony applies well.

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