Thick Brick


Thick Brick(Ecological paving stone), as a new environmental protection tile category,.The color and texture of thick bricks are similar to the appearance of natural granite marble, but abandon the limited defects of natural stone in antifouling, color difference, texture, radioactivity and other aspects.

Ecological laying stone is also called the ceramic brick of PC, imitation ceramic PC brick stone, imitation granite tiles, imitation granite paving stone, stone of ecology, ecological paving stone, brick, stone, imitation granite PC. It can customize according to the natural stone material surface of special mould, is decorated and practical for the integration of quality stone products.

It has the advantages of beautiful, fashion, environmental protection and deformation, can be used for municipal, water conservancy, parks, traffic Bridges and many other projects, its material can have sandstone, SLATE, granite and limestone.

1. Anti-pollution ability 

Possess Ecological paving stone production process, it has double zero water absorption, compared with the traditional natural stone, its anti-pollution ability is better. 

2, Material 

Ecological paving stone is made of high quality ceramic raw materials, which is sintered and formed by secondary distribution. The function is superior to the traditional rustic tiles.

3, Texture

The surface texture of ecological paving stone is close to the natural stone, which can be an excellent material to replace natural stone.

4, Bearing capacity 

In theory, the flexural resistance of ecological paving stone is 4 times that of natural granite and 3 times that of traditional paving stone. 

5, Construction difficulty 

Thick Brick relative to natural granite, only need half of the thickness of the construction can reach the standard, and the construction is convenient, there is no difference between the way of paving and ordinary ceramic tiles. 

6, Color diversity 

In addition to imitating the texture of natural granite, thick bricks (ecological paving stone) can also be designed according to the actual needs of customers to provide a diversified choice of textures and patterns.

7. Price (Cost-Effective) 

In terms of the same specification unit price, the price of thick bricks (ecological paving stone) will be slightly more expensive than the traditional imitation stone brick, but if comprehensive consideration of the laying process and later maintenance, the cost of ecological paving stone will save a lot more than the traditional imitation stone brick.

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