Thin Porcelain Tile


Thin porcelain  tile is thinner and lighter than ordinary tile, but its hardness, wear resistance, surface gloss and stain resistance are not compromised. The thickness is less than 6mm and some imported tile products the thickness can reach 3mm. the water absorption rate is below %0.5, hardness can reach 7 levels. We supply size 300*600mm,400*800mm,600*900mm,600*1200mm,900*1800mm.etc.


1.Long Service life, easy to clean. This Thin tile of the hardness although not so strong to the ordinary tile, but enough to meet the needs of using. It has a long life, not burning, not absorbing. Excellent abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance make using process low maintenance costs, easy to clean.

2.More portable than ordinary tile, it can effectively reduce the weight of the wall and ground covered. Especially for high-rise buildings, so that the staircase is not easy to settlement, deformation. Light and thin features can also reduce the installation of accessories and labor costs.

3.Good floor heating effect In the space where floor heating is necessary, due to the thin adhesive layer and its thin material, the floor heating effect is better, the energy loss is less and the space temperature is raised faster.

4.Suitable for health places. Some manufacturers of thin plate ceramic tile maximum size can reach 1800 x 900 mm, it is large, light, thin, these advantages simplify the tedious paving process and grey seam number, greatly reduce the possibility of bacterial reproduction, can be used in hospitals, bathrooms, toilets and other kinds of health places.

5. Thin and energy-saving 

Like size 600*1200mm, it weighs 8kg, thickness 4.8mm, , can save more than 60% of raw materials, comprehensive consumption can reduce more than 55%, and the weight is only 1/3 of the traditional ceramic tile, therefore, can effectively save logistics costs.

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