Polished Glazed Tiles


Polished Glazed tiles also include Polished crystal tile, On the body surface make a layer of wear-resistant transparent glaze, through high temperature burning, polishing. Polished Glazed tile has plentiful decoration styles, and low porcelain water absorption,good material performance. Polished glazed tiles is a kind of high-grade ceramics products. It adopts under-glazed adornment. The glazed face possess exquisite, noble and gorgeous.

Polished Glazed tiles apply for different decoration places and sites. it can combine a variety of different patterns, or making puzzles, waist lines, field walls, carpets... Widely used for hotels, entertainment Center places, bath center, high-grade villa and home decoration 

With porch, platform, aisle, background wall and other sites, so that each decoration places can show full fashion, perfect space.

Meris of Polished Glazed Tile:

1, From the appearance, the color gorgeous ,a variety of patterns, the surface bright and clean, it shows good decorative effect. And its surface looks transparent, it will not cover the bottom of the glaze and each flower glaze, the bottom of the glaze can be show clear, there is a strong sense of stereoscopic. It has plentiful decorative patterns. It can be matched clever with all sorts of home outfit style. 

2. From the terms of process, its production process is more complex, production requirements are strict. And the process details are handle better, so its price higher. It can basically achieve the effect of imitating real scene. Because Polished Glazed tiles used stacked glaze,  the reverse side is not absorbed water. The surface smooth, According to these aspects, it is easy to clean and maintain.

3. From the technical point. There are two main production process, one is from the original production of glass ceramics factory, using printing  first,then massed glazing process. Due to thick of the transparent glaze surface , so more strong stereoscopic, the transparency is better, and easy to polish under the production process;  The other production process is from the manufacture with rustic tiles, that are printed, whether the pattern under the glaze or the frit on the surface. The process is high fidelity, low cost.

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