Polished Marble Tiles


Polihsed Marble tile is the new category of another kinds of tile after ceramic , polished tiles, rustic tiles, microcrystalline tiles. Marble tile reach completely the original marble indicated the natural in texture, color, hand feeling and visual effect ,  especially the decorative sketch is  even  better than natural marble stone. The marble tile with distinct adornment effect and superior practical performance to win the favour   many consumers, has been developed one of the main style product in the field tile industry.  It have sizes:600*600mm,800*800mm,600*1200mm,750*1500mm,900*1800mm

Original from marble series, beyond its quality. The stereoscopic design possessing Vivid film and sense of hierarchy. It restores the beauty of natural materials. 

High rigidity, not easy to cause deformation, well corrosion resistance, convenient to maintenance, long working life. Its color texture is natural, looks beauty and luxury, and can be matched with a variety of home decoration style.

Cutting accurately, then convenient to paving and pasting . After strict production and quality tested, each piece of tile not only the edge but also the corner all unform and neat. You can rest assured and save effort while under construction.

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