What's the tiles' trend of 2023?

November 03, 2022

For ceramic brands, the Bologna exhibition can be known as the highest level of competition stage. What new products are coming out this year? What are the trends? It shows newest design, technology,carfts and R&D ideas.

Let's review what kinds of porducts have been launched at each big brand? 

This series of products uses the latest technology to mimic the effect of water droplets on the surface of ceramic tiles with different material effects.

Another new product in Tetris is a long brick effect, featuring 22 different colors. Sant 'Angostino also displayed marble, wood grain, floral wallpaper, cultural

 stone effect and other products. Different products can often be matched with each other and the mix application  is very flexible.

As the most representative design brand of the Panaria Group, Lea has collaborated with star designer to develop a variety of new tiles based on architectural 

applications, covering a variety of different material and  colors, mostly the slab in large sizes,possessing special functions suitable for building.

At the Bologna Exhibition,  Throught the  splicing display and home scene with other series of products, it fully highlights the flexibility of the product application. 

In addition,  also lauanched wooden tiles  products with an extremely high level of appearance.

Displaying large slab dominated. According to the introduction, the  new product has launched 8 kinds of marble texture effect, the size is 1000*3000MM, the 

thickness is  3.5mm, they can make the smooth and polished  effects on such thin products, is a very great technological innovation. In addition, after technical 

innovation of another series are suitable for indoor and outdoor with good anti-slip effect.


 The size 1200*1200mm panels can be used for both walls and floors, as well as for public building Spaces.

The brands also  showed a wood-like wall and floor tile with a thickness of 20mm that allows for a variety of splicing effects. In addition, it  has launched products 

such as flowers and outdoor tiles.

According to Barbara Savorani, Gigacer's marketing director (the daughter of the company's founder), Gigacer's new products are designed to used for  floor 

tiles also , using laser printing to create texture effects on the surface of tiles, this series lanuched 13 colors and 4 texture patterns.

Another new collection, Elementa, useing real rock to create  terrazzo effect. In addition, GIGACER showed an outdoor tile collection. Six years ago, GIGACER 

entered into a partnership with the Le Corbusier Foundation to extract elements from its architectural color system for color expression on tiles.

This serise shows wall and floor products that cover the interior and exterior.  The sales director in China, said that large slab panels are  being applied to the 

construction sector now and Chinese market is also changing from the mainstream of shiny products to natural effects.

 In the context of the energy crisis.we concern more about the sustainability. Taking  environment friendly in  raw materials seriously, the tiles begin from production

 to  process, with 20-40% of its products adopting from recycled materials.

According to exhibitor, from transportation, layering and maintenance of large rock slabs require a very strict system. The local manufacturer has local factories and 

warehouses in China, which can provide relevant after-sales services and course training services.

This year ABK  with Italian design godmother Paola Navone launched the home collection ---"Poetry House", which draws inspiration from a variety of natural

 materials, covering surface design elements such as metal, wood grain, handmade and carpet.

Application of imitation carpet tile

This year , many manufacturer concern more about  the application of technology and craft . Its marble floor tiles are made of 3D technology to achieve 

the effect of aging.

The Mola's booth this year adopts a combination of Japanese and Nordic style design. The Retina series of rock plate with stone texture effect launched by 

Mola have total  8 colors and 3 kinds of design texture, which can be used for different collocation.

As the brand of Imola's high-end luxury line, Lafaenza presents a variety of wallpaper effects and marble & wood tile, as well as the application in different 

home spaces such as living room, bedroom, study room , bathroom, etc., which fully demonstrates the high-end sense of the brand.

Imola, a brand that focuses on ceramic tile application in the field of architecture, has more emphasis on technology, architecture, sustainability and beauty 

in its product display this year. The brand emphasizes 100% raw material application, which fully demonstrates the characteristics and beauty of the material itself.

Versace showed different effects of the large  board tiles and overall bathroom effect, its display of ceramic tiles, bathroom and accessories products are

 their own production.

In the booth design, Iris takes the square as the concept, integrates the latest and most newest technology into products.Displaying the relationship between

 materials, people and nature. According to the introduction, Iris has been adhering to the concept of sustainable development and environmental protection 

since its inception.

 Amid the energy crisis, more and more brands are feeling the urgency of sustainable development. Iris also integrates environmental protection into daily details

 through a variety of means, such as the black texture of its tile surface made from natural materials and the use of recycled rainwater in its production.

CERCOM focuses on saving the earth and sustainability, CIR focuses on cultural concepts and connects people from different cultures and regions through

 ceramic tiles, while CERASARDA focuses on handmade ceramic tiles to fully demonstrate the brand's inheritance of Italian tradition and the continuation of

 the spirit of craftsmanship.

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